Susy M.
– It is so convenient to have so many sound options to attract attention of the dogs I photograph. I’d say they are about 95% effective with dogs (there are a few dogs that are hyper focused on their owner and not the sounds). I’ve been using them about 8 months now. I highly recommend.

Maria S.
– I used the Looky Looky that my brother ordered for me for Christmas on a human multi-generation VERY important portrait session yesterday (the father/grandfather has aggressive cancer and is leaving the country for alternative treatment). The three youngest kids were just not having it – screaming, trying to run away – and I brought out the Looky Looky and it made it possible to get that one all-important shot of everyone (even smiling!) as well as a bunch of others.. and even the teens were like, “ooh, what does the blue one do?” and one requested a repeat of the train whistle during their own portraits.

I really don’t know what I would have done – probably would have had to have settled for an image with the youngest two being forcibly held in place and crying. Thank you so very much!

Kim T.
– I used mine for the first time last week. It has a great variety of interesting noises that really helped to catch the attention of the puppies I was photographing. A must have for pet photographers.

Darlene W.
– I Love the “Looky Looky”! I’ve had it for a few weeks and has been great photographing adoptable shelter dogs for the rescue I volunteer at! Keeps my noisemakers accessible – love the variety!

Jody W.
– I recently purchased a Looky Looky and used it at my first day of mini sessions. It worked great! The dogs really responded to it!

Z. Vyskov
– It’s here and it is puppy approved!!! I absolutely love these noise makers!!!

K. Howard
– This will be much easier than carrying around my baggie of noise makers!

S. Richey-Schmitz
– I just used mine for the first time today for a rescue session. It worked great!

L. Marshall-Dranow
– I took mine to the shelter today and the staff member who usually works with me to get the photos LOVED it so much that I gave her mine, and I’m now going to order another one!

C. Feinberg
– We have to take photos of clients daily for updates so it’s perfect! I’m going to buy one for each of my crew! (Pet Sitter)

C. Wong
– You can get that head-tilt you’ve always wanted! I’m happy that I don’t have to search through my stuff and miss the photo!

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