Available Accessory Add-On's

About Looky Looky!! - I am a professional photographer who spends the majority of her time photographing animals and children. They led me to create 'Looky Looky!!' an alterable noise making necklace for photographers who need to keep their hands free while easily capturing their subjects attention. The standard full set necklace comes with a variety of 5 noise-makers. Additional noisemakers with attachments are also available for switching out different sounds or adding more variety. NEW - Premium Add-On Accessories ~ Premium Full Set ~ Build Your Own Looky Looky!! ~ International Shipping! To hear the sounds - select any accessory below and click play below the displayed image! Please remember, this necklace is NOT for children to play with, especially children under 3 as there are small toys and parts that are choking hazards. These are intended to go in a person's mouth therefore, sharing is NOT recommended! USA Shipping flat rate $6.00 per order. International Shipping $12.00 USD per order for Canada and $16.00 USD per order for all other countries.

Order your Looky Looky!! noise maker necklace and accessory add-on's today! ORDER NOW!

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